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Entry 510 - Adventures In Medicine

Okay, those of you who were online Sunday night when I suddenly grew quiet and vanished (among some, Lan), here's where I've been the past couple nights.

When I got quiet, my computer restarted, and nobody reloaded anything for me. Here's the full story.

Yours truly apparently had a seizure Sunday night. Lucky me, huh? Out of the ordinary, nothing before. Lucky me. That sent mom running for the phone, and the ambulance crew tromping through here. I was carted off to the hospital (ironically, the one I was born in 21 years previous), and given happy drugs.

Baby's first IV, baby's first CT, baby's first MRI. Felt like I was on an episode of House.

Spent Sunday night, Monday night, and this morning in there, drugged in happiness and being fed. Got discharged about two hours ago, and we swung by to fill my meds. Done and done.

OSWers, there's a post to come for you guys, but I won't be on for a few days until I'm back to my old self. Hopefully I don't miss too much.

To everyone else who sent well-wishes, I thank you. I'll be back online when I feel better. :)

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