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Entry 509 - More Rare Items

One of the benefits of living in this town--there's more than one thrift shop in the area. Decided to get up early and take a walk. Figured I should go to the ATM first--after all, I have plans to go across town this weekend (finally, after three weeks or so of avoiding it) and I'll need money anyway.

A little chilly out today, with the wind. Not a bad walk down, though. Got there, got the money, no problem. While I was down there, I decided to hit the Salvation Army store.

Yes, I do go there. They actually have nice stuff.

Usually, if I go there, I come out with a couple things--not nearly the haul I usually get at goodwill, but still quite a bit, though it's usually books. Today was different.

Today, I actually tried on clothes. Be surprised, people.

The dressing rooms are rather nice, though a bit small. Oh well, big enough to get changed and all.

Picked out two skirts to try on (I heard that gasp, very funny), and went in. First one was a little too loose--a size 12, even. Second one was a size 14, but fit more like a 10-12.

Dark skirt with cute little pleats. Figured I could use it for costume stuff if all else failed.

Bought the second one, put the first one back. Browsed the t-shirts, as I'll need some for work when the weather gets warm again. Found four good ones--two blue, one grey-blue, one pink.

Overall, between my two thrift shop trips, I have five new shirts, a skirt, a pair of socks, several books, a cassette tape and a cd. I love my rare items. :)

Perhaps I'll hit the used bookstores across town when I go. That is, after I hit the grocery store for snacks (good snacks, too, not junk food) and GU for my ramune fix. I miss my ramune.

(And Akiiiii~? The current music is all your fault. ♥ I'm addicted. So, so Suzume.)

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