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Entry 508 - Rare Items on the Road

No, the title doesn't mean I was picking up random things off the side of the road.

Today, the planning we had done for a week finally came together. The girls and I met up around noon and headed across to bridge to 'overcity' (my name for it in a story). The bowling alley was sadly full--overrun with little kids (at least three birthday parties), and the arcade was very busy. We left.

Headed to the outskirts of our own town to another alley/arcade. Much better, and much quieter--only one party, and it was small and the people were tucked into the little dining room.

My first time bowling with the full-size balls, and let me tell you, it's so very different from the basic candlepin I'm used to. Even the lightest ones had some heft to them, and it took me a bit to adjust. Not so bad, though, I caught on slowly. We did two games (but I sat out the second one--those balls are heavy, so I needed a break).

Went into the arcade for a bit. No need for tokens or tickets--this place uses cards! Definitely more high-tech than I'm used to. Played a few games, then we left. Went in search of lunch.

Did lunch at a place a little ways down the road from the alley/arcade. Not bad, the food was very good and the waitstaff knew what they were doing. Even did a little treat for dessert. Nicely done.

From there, we headed across town to the mall area, to goodwill. One of my favorite places--that's where I often find my rare items. Yes, this is where the subject line comes in.

Found a few very nifty items I never expected. Came out with several books, like usual, but a few were rare--a copy of a Sky Dancers book I never knew existed (based on the cartoon I used to watch), and two volumes of the old Sailor Moon manga (only 3 and 4, though, I looked for the others and couldn't find them). Also tried on some clothing--only bought one piece (a nice t-shirt) because it fit, but oh well. Maybe once the warm weather hits, I'll go back out there for summery work shirts.

And maybe, just maybe, I'll treat myself to a cute denim skirt if I can find one that fits. :)

There was talk of future cosplay plans, though I'm not quite sure what I'd do or where. After all, even Portland's quite a roadtrip, and that's the closest one to us. Maybe someday, if I'm lucky.

The girls are excited about the recent 'rewrite' updates. After all, it's something we're all involved in, even if I'm the one doing the physical writing. I'm glad they're enjoying it--I always make sure I clear things with them, to make sure.

Currently, the poor lost-in-time samurai has been recognized (and addressed), even though he still doesn't know who we are yet. That'll change pretty quick, though--everyone needs a name for their party members. Granted, we're going by codenames in this (and in my entries now, too), but he'll have something he can call us, anyway. Soon will come the challenges and fighting and rivalry. :)

Oh, Raine, I have a couple of unmarked cassettes here, I might have the play one but I'm not sure. I'll see if I can listen to them tonight, maybe we got lucky. I'll let you know.

And now, to write more story. Jin-san requires a story to relax him. :)

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