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LJ's very screwed up right my life...*sigh*

Well, we didn't go skating after all. Carrie couldn't go, Steph and Jessie couldn't go, and I didn't know the other people that Mike wanted to bring, so I stayed home. Plus, my mom came home a wreck and I didn't want to push her to go back out tonight. The road leading up to the skating place has been messed around with and added to and made all confusing. She got scared, and I don't blame her at all. Besides, I heard some pretty bad things.

It's after 11:30 and I still haven't really eaten. I'm cold and tired, but I'm fine.

Kelly and I are gonna try to do the story session this weekend. Either tomorrow or Sunday, but we're leaning more towards Sunday. We can work on our stories, listen to each other's ideas, and Kelly will get her white notebook back. I've had it for maybe...3 months or so....^_^

I've started yet another new story, or at least thought of starting another one. I have so many to work on already, and I haven't even started some of the ones I need to do. My SM, CC, and the first piece of Jessie's Generation 2 story all really need to be started, and so far, nothing. Major work to do during the story least for me...*sigh*

Well, I'm cold, bored, and tired. I want to be well-rested and awake for cartoons tomorrow morning....many, many delicate things.. um..yeah, I'm gonna try to head off to bed and to get some serious sleep. This whole "up until 1 in the morning" thing is not helping me any. So, niters all...sleep well and have dreams. I'll make a longer entry next time, k? Laters, all!

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