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Entry 507 - Welcome to 2008

After a long wait, here we are, in another new year. I spent my last hours of 2007 and some of the first day of 2008 with good friends, having a good time. I hope everyone else had their own fun.

I survived my oddball hours at work, and will return to usual duty later this week. Mom and I must make a grocery store run this weekend--perhaps Thursday after I get off-shift.

Another snow storm expected tonight--high winds and blowing snow after midnight. Best wishes to those in the storm area (like me), and hope you handle it well enough.

Last night's meetup almost didn't happen--my party plans might've been totally canceled if not for my brother (not the live-in one, the other one) offering me a ride over. I threw some things in a bag, called the girls, and told them we were on. Major celebration. :)

Got over there a little before 4-ish. We dropped off my bag and headed out to catch the bus to the mall for a bit. Well, we caught the bus downtown and then transferred to the mall-bound bus, but you get the idea. Once there, we hit a few stores (Raine had to return something) and I bought a calendar for the new year.

Got money out for us to do food, and we caught the bus back downtown. Once there, it was only a matter of where to do food. Lots of pub-type places in West Market Square (the city tree was still lit!), so we just had to pick one. Wound up choosing a nice place overlooking the square, the Whig & Courier.

(No, I don't know why it's called that. It's catchy, though.)

We chose a seat by the window, and we could see the new year's ball up on top of the building across the square. Very nifty. Food was good, we tipped well, and we lingered for a while before paying and leaving.

Stopped by a corner store for cider and snacks, then finished the walk back to Raine's for the night.

(A note--ironic how they had a ball downtown, but every single ball-dropping event on tv was being broadcast from New York of all places. Seriously, all four channels showing anything ball-drop-related were out of NYC. How boring.)

We played some board games, a few card games, and clinked cider glasses at midnight exactly. We stayed up a little longer, drawing and coloring and writing. We were up until around 2-ish. After being awake so long into the new year, we decided it was bedtime. All good tribe members need sleep, after all.

So, here's where it gets interesting. Those of you who know me best (that would be...Lynn, Raine, and a couple other locals) know that at sleepovers in the past, I was usually nervous because I couldn't sleep. Under the right circumstances, I can and will get to sleep, but when I first started out, I was so used to being home that it was too different.

That was in the past, though. After a few other chances (with some successes) and some time, I decided to try again. I knew I couldn't chicken out (as Raine currently has no working car, and it was snowing out so nobody was going to come get me at 3-4 in the morning), so I knew I had to try.

Originally, I offered to sleep on the couch, as Raine's room isn't very big and I knew Lynn would be up there as well--I thought she'd be on the floor or something. Turns out the bed was big enough to give them each enough space to be comfortable. There was floor space--I could fit there, at the end of the bed.

Made a nice little spot there on the floor, changed for bed, and we got settled down. A bit of stupid joking and laughter, to get it all out, and then quiet. I laid awake for a bit, but I simply closed my eyes and willed myself to sleep. Woke up a few times, but did the same thing. Next thing I knew, it was light out and Raine was climbing out of bed. 11-ish in the morning.

We went downstairs and my cellphone rang. Mom checking in, as she wanted to get me home before another storm hit. It's winter, it's Maine, we've been getting major snow this year. It wasn't doing anything at that time, though, and we had just gotten up, so I told her I'd get back to her.

Woke up Lynn to join us. Hour later, mom calls again, really wanting to come get me before the storm hits. I told her I would call when I was ready. I admit, I was delaying as I was having a good time.

(A random note--part of me wishes I could be as close as Raine and Lynn are to each other. They've been friends since grade school; I didn't meet them until almost high school. I don't really have anyone that close--part of me is jealous, even though I know I shouldn't be.)

Around 1-ish, I called home to let mom know I was ready. She was annoyed--rightly so, as I had delayed her so long and it was starting to snow then. She told me she was on her way, and while she traveled over, I got my things together. When she got there, I went out to the car with everything I had brought over...

...only to realize, en route to home, I had left my new calendar in Raine's living room. Sigh.

We got home in one piece, luckily, and we settled in to deal with the storm. Only other time I've been out tonight was a dinner run with the live-in brother. Supposed to be worse weather after midnight, so we did whatever we needed to as early as possible. I think we're ready.

So at some point this weekend, I need to get my calendar, and I have shiny costume pictures for a story I'm writing, courtesy of my co-stars (and fellow minor castmates). Overall, the first day of the new year wasn't too bad. Perhaps this year will be better than the last.

Best wishes to all, and welcome to 2008.

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