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Entry 506 - Holiday Season 2007

First off, a (hopefully) happy holiday to whoever is celebrating, and a happy *inserthere* for those who don't.

The big day has arrived, and people liked what I got them. I'm happy about that--I was hoping the gifts were fitting, and useful. They are. :)

I got several useful things, too--like a bunch of new socks, and a pretty pair of warm gloves. I also got some board games, a little stack of books (ones I'd wanted for a long time) and some nifty Japanese candy in various forms. I saw pocky in that bag, I'm thrilled.

The funniest gift I got this year? A Hello Kitty water dispenser. I kid you not, it's cute and small and portable. Apparently that was Dusty's find for me--thank you~!

Biggest gift this year, we had to go outside for, as it was in the garage. My family is awesome--with the gift conspiracies, we all paired up to work on gifts for each other, and this was one of the results.

I am now the owner of a very fine exercise bike. I'll be sure to use it often--after all, can't go bike-riding outside when it's icy and cold, right?

Mom loved her unicorn (and the oldest brother got her one, too) and her gloves, and she always loves the cordial cherries (tradition and all). Older brother loved his mug I got him, and the chair mom and I teamed up on. Oldest brother loves his nifty snacking giftset (again, tradition) and we each got lottery tickets from mom. I might have to leave mine with her, as I work tomorrow night and would probably miss it.

Oh, right, my schedule. Anyone who wants to talk to me on the 27th (that'd be thursday), I won't be online because I signed up for a shift. Seven hours alone in shoes, 4-11 pm. How cool is that?

(Note: I love the department. I love stocking down there, and being down there. If there's something to be done that I can help with, definitely going to jump on it. How could I pass this up?)

So yes, I hope everyone has a good day (of any form), and best wishes to all.

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