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Entry 505 - Songs of Ice and Winter

So, we survived the storm. Wasn't as bad as it could've been, we kept the power and made cookies. :)

More snow for the season, and a nice layer of ice on everything. Almost couldn't get the car doors open this morning, they were iced over really well. A bit of scraping and some force worked, though.

Travel was light, not many people wanted to be out on the roads unless they had to be. Rather quiet at work--we opened at 7 and there were no customers until a few hours later or so.

Yours truly had a good enough day. Finished emptying an early rack, and was almost done when one of the managers called to me and escorted me up to the office. I thought I was in trouble--turns out it was exactly the opposite.

You see, there's been a 'perfect attendance' contest going on, from one point to another, and apparently people who qualify (like me, oddly) are tossed into a drawing pot with a chance to win a prize.

I've never gotten perfect attendance for anything, even at school. This was totally new for me.

I did pick out a nice keychain flashlight for my prize. It's nifty. :)

Got about halfway through the second rack before I ran out of time. The back room is looking much better--there's actually floor space in places now! We just need to clear out the far corner. Tomorrow brings another truck--hopefully a small-ish one, so we have less to push before we continue the big purge.

Finished my OSW secret santa fic, I think my secret person will like it. :)

Speaking of OSW, play has returned! Well, somewhat--it's the holidays, it's still a bit slow, but things are getting done, and people are active again. It counts, right?

Hoping to start actually writing again, even just slowly. I've been kind of lost without my creativity, and I want it to come back into play again. So, I'm determined to work on some of the ideas kicking around in my head (possibly literally kicking, in the case of some of my muses), and one of them is a 'rewrite' of sorts on an old fic we keep for mocking purposes.

Backstory: back when I was in the lovely middle-ground between the end of 8th grade and the beginning of 9th (also known as 'my year in alt ed'), I met a group of girls who 'adopted' me into their circle. I thought it was great--new friends who didn't know me, who I could be myself with and not worry about them knowing my reputation. With them, I was able to handle being in a new school.

That was my introduction to the anime world, and we started writing group stories in which we all played parts. We went on adventures with different characters, and had exciting experiences, all within the pages of a simple notebook. I still have some of the ones I wrote, and sometimes we pass old ones around to recall all the nifty things we came up with.

Some, like the one I currently have for my 'rewrite' fic, are just awful--everyone was out-of-character, including the girl who wrote the story. She stole the spotlight and hogged it for herself, and there was little continuity (and even less logic). We mainly keep the story to mock, but at one point, I thought about making a new version, one that made sense and kept everyone as IC as possible.

Thus, my idea was created, and now I plot for it. I consulted the other two remaining circle members to get their input--they thought it would be a good idea. I limited the series(s) involved to at least two, and chose one character to appear from a subject--only one, and there was a way to make it make sense.

Right now, all I wait for is character information from the other two (thought we only use things from two subjects, we make references to others along the way) and plot the starting point. The spotlight-stealer from the original is now an antagonist in the 'rewrite'--she wishes for things to return to how they used to be, to have her friends (or followers) back, to be in the tribe once more. The other one is another antagonist, this one who wants to take over and make everyone her minions (hey, she tried to before!).

Besides, there's an element of realism in the 'rewrite': our characters are basically us, with our jobs and lives and families, trying to save the world and help the poor displaced game character (samurai pilot doctor bookseller) deal with being in a lost world from the past (by his timeline, anyway).

I just need to pick a notebook. I have a big spiral-bound red one (with a hand-drawn anime military logo on the back cover--thanks, Carrie/Lynn), that might do for this. I expect it'll be a long story--the original was upwards of 70 pages, and unfinished! :)

So anyway, there's the update. A long one, but there was a lot to cover. The big day is next week--can we manage to make it through? Will I go crazy working five hours on the night after christmas?

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