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Entry 504 - More Winter

Yup, you read right. Apparently the snow gods are making up for last year. White holiday, oh boy. :)

So here's the update--big storm expected today. Snow and ice and wind and all that lovely stuff that winters here bring us. Supposed to get very ugly. So glad I don't have anywhere to go today, and hopefully everyone else can sit tight inside until it's over. If not...well, take it careful.

What does this mean for me? Well, I may or may not be online--it depends on how well the power holds, and if I really want to be upstairs on my computer. We'll see once the storm hits.

If it's really bad, maybe I won't have to work on Monday. Depends on the conditions post-storm.

To those not getting this storm--consider yourselves very lucky. Those who have had this storm, or have something like it of luck to you.

Now, I head towards sleep, to see how long I can last before I'm rudely awakened by pelting ice.

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