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Entry 503 - Sunlight and Snowstorms

So, for those of you who don't know--we have a storm on the way, expected to start up tomorrow morning. All around the town, kids are wishing for a snow day, and people are hoping to maybe get a day off. Pretty sure not a lot of people want to drive in blowing snow...especially in the dark.

Towns are reporting power outages and we haven't even gotten anything yet. It's a sign, I think.

Mom and I bought our wreath today. It has a big purple ribbon bow and silver accents. Makes the door look pretty, really. Bought another one, with a different ribbon (I think it was red and white) for our friends (they know who they are).

Ran errands. Took a few bags of cans and jugs to recycling, and I helped a woman carry boxes to the cardboard drop-off.

Bought a few odds and ends to get us through until the storm's over.

Mom collected some pine cuttings for the planters out front. They go well with the wreath. :)

We had pork and cornflake potatoes tonight for dinner. We even have leftovers!

NaNo is over, and the OSW members who worked for it are returning to normal play. Slowly, but the holiday season provides more topics for posts. Plus, apparently we're doing a 'Secret Santa' that's so secret, we don't even know what it'll involve yet. Our mod loves us~

I thought about doing one for RPW, like the last time (two years ago, I think), but since nobody really posts in it anymore, I'm deciding against it for the meantime. Maybe if something changes.

I have the urge to write, but I can't decide what to work on. I have things in progress, and a few new things to start, but I don't know where to go. Does anyone else get this problem?

For now, I read things and cuddle in my blanket, awaiting the storm.

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