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Entry 502 - Weekend Warrior

Yes, today was the day after turkey day, the day where stores open before dawn and shoppers line up around the block (and then some) to get things they might not even need. Black Friday? Nah. More like Death Friday.

So let's start from yesterday. Got up late, but the house had a lovely scent of food. Any time someone cooks here, the scent goes right up to my room, which usually brings me downstairs like "can I eat now?" even if there's a long time to go. Helped with cooking--cut the rolls (two pans worth) and made stuffing, among other things. Great food, as always.

Family and friends alike gathered around our table last night. It was a little more full than usual, as we had extra people, but we made it fit and everyone was cozy. Good times, as always. There were bad jokes, but that's pretty much tradition anyway.

Fast forward. I got to bed a little late last night, so I hit my snooze button a couple times this morning. Went through my usual routine, left at 5:30, and we tried to get close enough to drop me off in front of the store as usual. The lot was packed--people were parked on both ends of the parkade, and some were just being let out in front of the store. We were down to the other doors before we could pause, and so I raced up to the main doors and cut through the clothing racks to the break room. Not a problem.

People were lined up clear to the back of the store--some had been in line for longer than it took to shop!

We were given our assignments, contacted team leaders, and began our mission for the day. There was some dodging of customers (and each other--the store was crowded, after all). Fitting rooms were cleaned out and the items returned to their places (or as close as we could get). If we went anywhere, we were stopped randomly to help people.

I found many empty (or nearly-empty) coffee cups left in various places in the store in my travels. Any I found went into the trash, as I didn't want to leave them there.

A random note: there was an unpeeled banana left on an endcap up towards the back. That got sent to the trash, too, after a rather amusing "...what the hell" moment.

Breaks were taken early, and quick. Lunches were taken early and staggered, so that there were some people left out on the floor while others rested. Final breaks were taken pretty much whenever we could find time.

As time went on, the lines for the registers did taper off, and things got quieter. The jewelry counter continued taking numbers, and the managers were directing traffic at all registers to keep the lines moving. Things were rather organized...except for the departments, but we couldn't clean up everything.

Tomorrow, it seems, will be the cleanup and refilling day--many of us are slated for replenishment. Some people are lucky enough to have tomorrow off--I'm sure they need the break. We did survive, though, and luckily this day only comes around once a year.

When it came to leaving, I simply gave mom a call when I clocked out, and headed outside. I decided to browse a bit in the craft store while I waited--I have money to buy things now, so that's what I plan to do after work tomorrow.

So yes, I survived my first official hell day, and the weekend is just starting.

Also, in case the locals haven't read the paper: the city bus is running a "free fare friday" for a few weeks. Definitely a good idea--with the gas prices still rising (3.25 a gallon here), the officials are trying to find ways to inspire people to ride the buses and conserve. I like the bus. :)

Entry 500 is still stalled at 114 comments. I must remedy that somehow.

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