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Entry 501 - Seasons of Change

As I sit here in semidarkness, typing this up, I glance out the window. What was pouring rain from last night has become light and fluffy snow. That's right, folks--snow. Real snow, outside.

Thanksgiving is next week. I have to work the entire weekend after it, though, so perhaps I won't enjoy it as much. After all, 4:30 in the morning is very early, and then going in quick and being there for 8 hours (on the day after the holiday, the busiest shopping day of the year)...well, I'll be quite tired afterwards, I just know it. I'll be sure to pack some lovely pain meds.

The snow has picked up a bit. I'm celebrating--I've been waiting for the first sign of snow! :)

Entry 500 is stalled at 114 comments. I'm trying to come up with a way to get it moving again, but so far, I have nothing. Would anyone like to give me an inspiration jump-start? All I need is a list of words. It worked for entry 400, after all.

OSW is slow lately--the majority of the members are doing NaNoWriMo this month, so play is halted a bit. Those of us who aren't (all of...two people who are regularly on) are passing the time in other ways. In other words--we're going on with our busy schedules without the creativity and writing. Le sigh. How I wish I could be so inspired. I have so many things I want to write, and little to no creative inspiration to work on them. How do the NaNo-people do it every year?

Note to self: must go out for a bit and enjoy the snow before coming back in for a well-needed nap. ♥

Those of you who want to help with our goal of 500 comments on entry 500, feel free to jump in with anything, really. If you don't want to directly get involved, help inspire me or something. :)

(A pause in typing this entry to run a little errand--oh, how I love the snow!)

Anyway, that's basically it. Short and distracted, but it still works.

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