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Entry 500 - Prayers For Change

This is the big one, as promised. Entry 500. Another milestone for my journal. To think, when I originally created this, I rarely posted. I must try and remedy that--after all, so much goes on lately that I should have something to share with my readers, as many or as few as they are!

Yesterday's weather was nice, but very warm. I'm happy to be able to open both my windows now--the other one, next to my bed, was always closed because it was dusty and the screen had bugs in it. Now that both windows are clean, I can open both. It wasn't much cooler, but it helped.

Today started out a bit chilly, but it was nice. Cloudy, with some wind. We'd had threats of rain all day--it didn't start until a few hours after I got home from work, which was nice. I closed both my windows then, just before the rain picked up.

Tomorrow, I have the day off. I plan to sleep in, and mom said something about a turkey dinner. I like this idea very much. Maybe if the weather turns out nice, I'll try and get some walking in. If not, maybe another day. After all, we should get some nice weather again soon.

Cleaning has continued. Magazines and newspapers were taken to recycling, which definitely improved the housework. Now that so much has been bagged up in the sewing room, we were able to host a welcome guest (hello, Justin). The room looks much better.

Halloween plans progress as expected. I have a basic idea of my costume, and the others in my party have said they're working on theirs as well. All that's left is a time and place to meet up, and a decision on food--but the food thing can easily be left until we all meet up.

I'm wishing for my creativity to return, as I've been having a hard time writing anything lately. It's a problem for my journal as well--hence the long delays in updating. This, however, just couldn't be put off any longer, so here it is. I'd like to reach 500 comments (we made 400 on my 400, even if it did come down to me at last and a couple of threads were just one person helping), and there's no time limit on posting, so if you'd like to help me make the goal, go for it.

There was creativity in the last one, with the writing challenges. Perhaps I should try that again. :)

Here's to hoping for snow this winter, a good enough ice rink (or even an icy puddle), and for people to be happy. Especially mom, as she's been stressed lately. My current music fits rather nicely, I think.

So, if people want to help spam, go for it. I'll help as best I can. Offer polls, discussion topics, anything that comes to mind. Have a question for me? Ask away! If all else fails, I'll try and inspire myself to spam enough. We'll see how it goes.

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