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"One thing leads to another..."

Well, today was cool. The first snow of the year for us, and it started during my Algebra class. Nobody was paying attention to the lesson or the practice packet...we were all watching the snow. Hopefully we don't all fail the quiz tomorrow....^_^;

In reading, since it was snowing pretty hard then, our teacher asked us to try and guess when the first snow day of the year would occur. Two people in my class said tomorrow. It's not snowing anymore, though...more like winter mix. *sigh*

I had originally agreed to have mom pick me up outside after school, but during my Focus study hall, I decided to call her and tell her I wanted to walk home. I felt really good, and I walked happily through the snow. Of course, I was really wet when I got home, but I felt happy. I went out later when the stuff had changed over to sleet or something. I came home soaked again.

I doubt we're getting a snow day tomorrow, but maybe it will happen soon. I guessed December 6...hope it happens then...^_^

LJ's still being weird. Mike has given me next-to-nothing regarding details for our get-together tomorrow, and I just found out that if Jessie wants to go, she needs a ride....and money. Good thing the place we're going to has an air-hockey table...mwahaha. Jessie and I actually talked tonight, but it was after 8 and I needed to know something. If we meet up tomorrow, then she'll give me the picture(s) then.

Kelly has a new boyfriend, and now she's drooling over him.

Carrie hasn't changed. She still wears dresses in the middle of winter and still gets cold 'cause of it. >_<; *sigh*

Stephenie hasn't changed much either. Still can't spell worth beans, and still is too hard to find.

Mike is doing well at Garland St. and has several new friends. He hangs out with them during the week, and then tries to hang with us. Our group doesn't get to meet as much as we used to, but we're trying to at least meet once a month at most.

My schedule of events for tomorrow:

Mods 1-2: Health. Test. I hope I pass.
Mods 3-4: Algebra. Quiz on 4-6 to 4-8, I think.
Mods 5-6: Civics. I think we might have a quiz/test, maybe not.
Mods 7-8: English. Read aloud Act 4, scenes 1-3 or more if time.
Mods 9-10: Lunch/study hall. Sing to Aly for her b-day Saturday.
Mods 11-12: Science. Work on planet sheet again. Test Monday.
Mods 13-14: Focus study hall. I had an errand today. ^_^
Mods 15-16: Reading. I'll do my book test, and free reading.

Yes, I finally had an errand today. I had to run up to the English suite to get a thing of staples, and I really did run. It was cool, and I finally got to do something to get me out of the room for a good useful reason. That, and I used the phone to tell mom I was walking.

Well, I'm gonna try to get this posted and get my homework done. Everyone in my class was complaining when we were assigned scene 2 and 3 questions to be completed by tomorrow. I'm sure I can at least try to get it done. Then we're gonna try to read aloud scenes 1-3 or maybe more if we have time.

Niters, all...sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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