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Entry 499 - Cleaning Out Memories

Next one's the big one, folks. Anyone want to help me try and make 500 comments? :)

A lot of sorting and tossing has been going on lately, especially today. Out at the end of the driveway are two full barrels and several black plastic bags. Also out there are two old red plastic decorative candles (meant to be displayed outside, big things, but never seemed to stand up very well) and the remains of my old doll carriage (in pieces, since it kind of fell apart). In the bags, among other things, are three old beanbag chairs--a tan one, a dark blue one, and a red and white striped one. All old and musty, the tan one rather abused from the cat using it as a napping spot. All going off to the dump.

The cleaning makes me think, though. I have a lot to get rid of, myself--where should I start? I know sometime I'll have to sort clothing again (especially my work shirts--either they've been shrinking in the wash or I'm still growing), shoes again eventually, and I sorted books the other day (lots more to donate).

Earlier, I remembered mom's old blue sewing box. It's probably still a mess inside--when I was little, I liked to open it and unroll things, so it needs to be cleaned up. I offered to do that, and asked if maybe I could have it. We'll have to see, though--last I knew, it was under the basement stairs and buried under stuff, so it might be a while before it can be unearthed. Maybe it'll encourage me to learn sewing--or even just mending stuff better. :)

Hard to believe it's October. Doesn't it seem like we barely got into September?

We're slowly getting rid of things we have no reason to keep. Mom asked me about the doll carriage last night--she was afraid I'd be upset about having to dispose of it, but I told her I don't use it anymore and it really has no value left for me to keep it. After all, it's broken. What would I use it for?

Same with the beanbag--I told her that it was small when we got it, and I've grown since then. My arse probably wouldn't fit into it now, so why bother keeping it? If I want another in the future (which is doubtful, as I've no place for it at the moment), I can always go buy one myself.

Meanwhile, the cat is wondering where her comfortable nest in the corner of the sewing room went--all that's left is my old beat-up feather pillow and the flowered pillowcase from my old bedding set. Sorry, kitty, but the beanbag was mangy and needed to be put out of its misery. There's always mom's bed, though!

Speaking of cleaning and sorting, I made adjustments to redpenwriters recently. The userinfo and memories are all up-to-date, and I'll add in the most recent proposed challenge once it starts. Only two people are interested so far, though, so we'll see if anyone else wants to join. I'm proud of myself for getting that all set, though--I used the coding in the userinfo and updated the list, so I'm slowly learning how to do more and more. Small steps into the future and all.

Jess, need any binders? I have a couple if you'd like them. After all, you might need something for that folder the badfic is in--it's kind of falling apart. Just checking, anyway.

Lots of hours at work lately. People have mentioned that we're getting into the holiday season--true, we've been getting cold-weather clothing and accessories lately, gift-ish items, and our stunning Christmas section in the back. Seriously, it looks fantastic. Still, though, we have Halloween and Thanksgiving to get through before we even think about Christmas, and I wonder about who will have to work the scary day after--the day known as Black Friday.

In the meantime, we go in and do our thing. We even have new faces in the ranks--more people to help us empty the trucks. Especially good--after all, we've gone from getting three a week to four a week, all hands on deck to help. Nine alone can't really go that fast, but we have some strong ones in there.

So that's the recap, and now I think I should do some cleaning and sorting of my own. After all, I plan on giving this room an overhaul in the future, I should get it ready to be fixed up. Off to work on that!

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