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Entry 497 - Kingdom of Shoes

Yes, in case you were wondering, I did my time and survived. I think I'd rather stay an apprentice, though, as being the chief isn't really cut out for me. Luckily, it was a pretty slow day, and I only had to answer the phone twice.

Loved sleeping in, even if it was only a couple extra hours. It was light out when I woke up, and even better, it was light out when I went to work. :) Sure beats darkness and being out at o-dark-thirty, as a coworker and I call it.

The first part of the day went by so fast I can't remember it very much. I decided to take my lunch about 1-ish, and I made sure I did. Relaxed for a half-hour, then went back to work. Not too bad, took my last 15-minute break at quarter to four, and sailed on to five easily.

One of the shoeboxes I picked up had a ripped open silica packet inside, so I lifted the box and got rained on by silica bits. Some of them went down my shirt, even. I ducked into the back room at one point to shake the things out of my shirt...and my hair, and my bra. Not fun.

I've found I really don't like answering the phone much. First time I took a call, I forgot the little phrase they have us use, so I ad-libbed a bit. Luckily, it was an easy call--someone just wondering where exactly our shoe section was in the store. Easily answered, problem solved.

Second call was a bit harder, as it involved someone checking on a hold they had. Involved me running up to the service desk to check, and we worked out what was going on. A little more difficult, but eventually solved. Happy customers rock. :)

I got to do a lot of what I'm best at--pushing freight. Didn't get all of it out, sadly--and we have another big truckload tomorrow (which yours truly will be helping with, probably). That, and we have another one at the end of the week. I hate to say it, but it seems we'll never be caught up. Plus, we've started having to overstock the overstock--there's stacks of boxes against the wall simply because we've run out of rack space. How can we fit everything in?

Shoe reset is almost done, anyway, which is good--once the department fits the list, we'll be able to put things out much better than before. We've hit snags, though--there are things not on the list that need places, and some that are discontinued, which might not even stay in their assigned spots long. So, in desperation, we've just been tucking the oddballs in with like items--or as closely as we can.

I'm happy I can wear hairclips: my bangs have gotten to that point again where I must pin them back. It's only one side, though, so I only need one clip. I should get a trim soon. Maybe tomorrow, if I play my cards right--it'll be a shorter day (6-11) and mom says she'll think about it. :)

(A note: must wear either better socks tomorrow or different shoes. My poor feet.)

Mom also mentioned maybe going grocery shopping tomorrow. I wouldn't mind that at all. We have a short list, so it would be a quick trip. No problem, just let me change out of work clothes first and into comfortable things.

Definitely a shower tonight. I probably have silica in my hair still.

So all in all, a decent (if long) day. Had a good dinner, and now I relax. Watch some tv, read a bit, take my shower, and get some sleep. After all, no sleeping in tomorrow!

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