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Entry 496 - Surprises in Scheduling

So yes, the girls and I did meet up, and yes, it was pretty fun. If only we could get together like that more often, but with our schedules as crazy as they are (especially lately), we're having trouble with that. Oh well, we did talk about Halloween, anyway. That should be fun.

Speaking on schedules...I got my work schedule for next week. Four days in a row, and then one at the end of the week. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then Saturday. I'll be very busy.

Three of those days are easy ones--five hours, like I'm used to. Monday's a long one--8-ish hours. Not a problem, I'm used to that. Tuesday is the oddball.

9 am to 5 pm. 8 hours. Alone. Running the shoe department. Yes, you read right (as did I).

When I first saw that in the book, I was like "oh no, I'm not ready, this has to be a joke or something" but it's not. I know the guys need help--we're down to two official people down there, since one left and the others were just backup. I'm mostly there to help with pushing freight and all, but I'm good at helping people find things and stocking the shelves. Now I have a lot more to learn.

I met one of the guys down there yesterday and made a study sheet of things to remember. :)

Today, I started training myself. Just little things at first, like linking/unlinking tags and putting in toppers and stuff like that. Every time the little tag chimed, to show that the link/unlink was successful, I was thrilled. It was only a little bit of tag linking today, but it's a start. I'm pleased.

Tuesday's looking better now that I have more clue about what I'm doing. Hopefully, though, this is just a trial date to see how good I am. I'd be a bit tired if I had to do it more. After all, that's not a shift I'm used to--9 to 5? That's most of my day gone. I'm so used to the morning to early-afternoon shifts.

I guess all I can do is wait and see what Tuesday brings. I hope someone gives me my agenda--my study sheet basically has the regular shoe agenda, but as noted, it is subject to change at any time.

Hard to believe it will be officially fall soon. We started getting our holiday line in--glitter everywhere, trying to set things up. I think the customers probably thought we were nuts. :)

All I can do now is enjoy my days off and prepare for a long workweek ahead--30 hours! My new record. Perhaps tomorrow I'll treat myself by going across town for a bit. After all, I do have library books to return again. Maybe I'll see if T wants to do lunch. Lately I've been getting hungry more often.

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