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Entry 495 - A Quiet Decision

The subject line can be explained--it's a good song, and it has a fitting title. :) Plus, current music, so yeah.

To those having birthdays today--hope your day is happy. Hopefully no horrible events.

Finally the weekend, and wouldn't you know it, it's been raining on and off today. Oh well, hopefully tomorrow will be nice so the girls and I can hang out and do fun things. Maybe go to the park or something. I just hope Jess will be online tonight so we can discuss it. :)

Now that inventory's done, it feels like a weight's been lifted from me. I won't have to worry about anything like that for a while yet, and I'm glad. Now we can put the display boxes back in the shoe stockroom and make the platforms look all pretty again! The boxes wouldn't stay.

Even if I am 21, I still look forward to going out on Halloween. Even if it's not for the candy (it hasn't been for a few years, really), it's for going out to walk and explore, to stop somewhere for food and dress up how I want to. I liked it last year because I worked on the day and we were allowed to dress up. I came as a retail witch. :) I thought it was clever, anyway, and people asked me where my broom was. The answer varied, but it basically was that I had crashed so many times during practice that I wasn't allowed to fly one. Oh well. Walking's good enough, and I get rides and take the bus sometimes. Not a problem.

(A note: sometimes I really do wish I could fly on a broom. It would make travel much easier.)

If I want candy, though, I can just go down to the corner store and buy my own. Not as cheap, but it would get me more and I wouldn't have to dress up for it. I'm still looking forward to it, anyway. Jess, Carrie? Would you be up to meeting up with T and me on Halloween, or are you busy? Just wondering.

Of course, some people reading this might be wondering why I'm talking about Halloween when we haven't even gotten into October yet. Yes, well, I've gotten into retail terms and mid-October is when we start getting into the Christmas stuff, so bear with me here, okay? :)

In the meantime, I have some lovely distractions to work with. Best wishes to all.

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