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Entry 494 - It's Over

That's right, people. Inventory is over, and I survived. It's over, and we don't have to worry about it until next year. Now, we just worry about new stuff being set and all. :)

I don't think anyone's really working this weekend, because today was really long. We made good time, though, and we got everything done. We even had lunch provided. The day went pretty well.

The roadwork going on in places makes travel a bit difficult, but once it's done it should be much better. For now, we just take alternate routes when we can, and don't go out unless we need to. Either that, or we travel in the hours that it's not so busy--like 5:30 in the morning. At least next week I have three days, and they're all pretty easy.

(A note: I got a paycheck today. Very good money, for last week. This week's should be great.)

I'm happy to have the weekend off--I can definitely use the break. Then it's back to work as usual on Monday...and Tuesday, and Wednesday. Oh well. At least they're short days.

So, supposedly I might have plans for the weekend, but nobody's gotten back to me on them. Mom mentioned going grocery shopping on Sunday, so I have no idea what the girls have planned. Jess? I've left you messages with no reply, can we talk this over? I know Saturday's out, you work, but I don't know what you wanted to suggest. You just said "this weekend" so...yeah. Drop me a line?

In the meantime, I hope to get some writing done. I don't know exactly what I'll write, but I'll try and get something out. After all, I almost feel like I'm out of practice. :)

Hard to believe that soon, we'll be into winter. Next holiday up is Halloween. Of course, thinking in retail terms, we'll be hearing the Christmas music before too long. Oh well. At least we got through inventory, so everything should be easier now that the huge stress of that is over.

I do wonder if I felt better bringing the pens with me, even if they weren't the right ones. We were given red pens and blue highlighters--it's a good thing I like red pens. If I'd known ahead of time, I would have brought my own. I do have those--in fact, I have about three or four red pens and two blue highlighters, at last count.

Speaking of counting, when I took a little nap earlier, I could still hear the beeping of the official counter things. I fear I shall be counting in my sleep for days to come.

I survived, anyway, and the store looks great. We should be in good standings now! :)

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