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Entry 493 - After the Day

Woke up after sleeping in today--my hand feels better. No pain, no mark. Just itches a bit if I get cold water on it. Hot water, though? Absolutely wonderful. A good thing, too, because I have inventory tomorrow. I have my pens and highlighter, my clothes are ready, I'll take a shower tonight, and tomorrow will be good. I'll just make sure I eat well (probably some cereal), take some nibbles for my breaks (and a soda), and keep moving along. After all, I got lucky to have a good team.

Sleeping in today was nice, I haven't gotten to do that for a while. I even reset my alarm before I went to bed last night, so I can just set it tonight and be up at 4:30. I'll move fast, though--must be in by quarter to five at most. Of course, I usually am, but this time, it's more important to be early.

So I don't feel 21 yet. I know that I'm a year older, but I suppose it takes some getting used to before I really start to feel it. Oh well. I had a decent day and survived into full-adulthood. Very nice.

Today, I guess I stay inside unless something exciting comes up. Perhaps I'll do my laps tonight, since I've been lax on them--but then, I've been working, and that involves being active, so that's my reason.

Jess and Carrie: I'll need senshi profiles from you for the co-fic, so maybe I can start it soon. I'll need notes and things to keep in mind, too. Do let me know soon? :) Want to make it non-sucky.

Mom's gutters for the glass room should be in today. I know she's happy about it. So am I, because she's happy. I like to see her happy about things.

To all of you who sent birthday wishes, in cards or comments or text messages, thank you again! ♥

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