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Entry 492 - Birthday Wishes

As of today, I am 21. Go me. Relatively low-key day, nothing major. Decided when I got up that I'd go across town and run a few errands. Didn't think there'd be any problems.

The day started out nice enough. There's some road work going on in places--made travel a bit slow, but the bus kept on until we made it to the station. Went to drop off library books. Ended up browsing and picked up a few new ones. :)

Headed up to go track down T for lunch. Waited on the corner near his place for a little bit.

Found out today, the hard way, that I'm not allergic to insect stings. Hurt like hell, but other than that, no harm done. Mom thinks it was a wasp. I don't care--I just hope the bugs stay away from me. My hand still hurts a little, but there's no mark or anything.

Stopped by the grocery store on that side of town to pick up some medicine. Store-brand allergy meds and cold soda = much better. Did lunch.

Went back up towards his house and we parted ways for a bit so he could change his shirt. I browsed the little bookstore nearby. Bought a nice stack of books, including some new manga!

Called for a ride home, and we hung out here for a while so I could get real care for my hand. We headed out to dinner and enjoyed ourselves for an hour or so. Took my guest home.

So now I sit at my computer and recount the day's events. Maybe there were some lucky things--threw seven pennies in the park fountain earlier, found a noodle with a knot in it during dinner, and could take out books that I'd wanted to read from the library. Also, another one of my mail-order books arrived today. That only leaves one still to come.

(A note: this was interrupted by the announcement that I got a text message on my cell phone. Thank you for the message, Dusty, and I suppose I should add that number to my phone book. I still have your old one!)

I'm happy I can sleep in tomorrow, and don't have to leave the house for anything. I dug out a couple of black ink pens and found out I had a yellow highlighter--these I set aside for me to bring for inventory. Better to bring my own, I think, so there's more for other people to use.

In the meantime, I have people to RP with, people to write stories with (or collaborate with...Jess~? What was this idea for RPW you mentioned?), and books to read. I post this for you, my readers.

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