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Entry 491 - Cast List

My last day of inventory prep went as well as it could be, anyway. I did my work, took my breaks, and got a lot done. There were about four of us down in shoes--basically finishing what I started yesterday, banding displays together. We started in the kid-stuff and worked our way over.

By 11, it was down to two of us, but by then, one of the regular shoe people was in :) so no problem. Last member of the team left at 2, I left at 2:30. Lots got done; things are looking good for inventory.

The team lists are up in the break room. I'm on the 'folded pant team' with people I actually know. :) A very good sign indeed, and apparently the folded pants will be one of the easiest sections. Also good.

I look forward to sleeping in tomorrow. After all, three days of work in a row makes me rather tired. Perhaps if the weather holds, I'll duck across town. I do still have library books to return, and a few books I'd like to pick up while I'm over there. We'll have to see, though.

(A note: the bus fare has gone up. A dollar now, instead of 85 cents. I'm just glad I had extra change.)

The weather outside is rather horrible right now--raining and some wind. Tomorrow says that it should just be windy and slightly cooler than lately, but I won't believe it until I see it.

Not much else to write, I'm afraid. Today did go well, though, and I feel much more optimistic about inventory after finding out that I'll be in a somewhat-easier role. :) Looking forward to Friday!

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