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Entry 490 - Inventory Looming

Just as the subject line says. Tomorrow I'm set to help finish inventory prep work, and then I get to be free until Friday's inventory shift. I'm still nervous, though--even though I understood what the directions were, I worry that I might mess something up.

In the meantime, though, I still have my 8.5 hour workday tomorrow. I'll take a shower after I post this, and try to get some decent sleep. I made sure my bag is packed with whatever I'll need (including medicine, since I don't want to get caught with a headache and no meds).

Perhaps on Wednesday, I'll jump across town quick and do lunch, maybe get some more books, and just spend the day outside. I also have library books to drop off, so I could do that while I'm there. It depends on the weather, though, because I'd rather not wander in the rain or whatever. :)

Luckily I get to catch up on sleep before I have to face the major inventory event. 8.5 hour workday again, counting and walking and counting some more. Hopefully the jitters go away soon.

(A note: one of my coworkers gave me a darling birthday card today. I really do adore her.)

Maybe if Thursday is nice, too, I'll go on a mall trip. I have a few books on my list to get, anyway, and I can do lunch or something. Maybe see if any of the girls want to meet out there or something. It depends on the weather again, and who might be free.

Good news on my creativity front: I have a story idea kicking around, something with Jess and Carrie. It's still just in the planning stage, but I have hopes that it'll turn out well. Now we just need to get everyone in the same place for a major planning party--perhaps getting them together for my late-party. :)

Part of me wonders if tomorrow's 'inventory prep' shift will involve the rest of the shoe purge--after all, we only got halfway done and there hasn't been a time set to finish it. I wouldn't mind doing that, really.

In the meantime, I attempt to settle down and get ready to sleep. 4:30 comes early.

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