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Entry 489 - Books

Two more of the books from my list arrived today. That makes three of the five that have arrived safely, and two left to show up. All before my birthday, I hope. :)

So good to sleep in today. Only got up about an hour ago, I missed most of the day. Oh well. I definitely need my sleep, and it's better to catch up than go without it. Didn't have anything important today anyway.

Perhaps Monday, if I'm up to it and the weather permits, I'll go return my library books. If not that, then I'll wait until next weekend, or maybe Thursday if I'm impatient enough. It all depends on my status.

Got my paycheck yesterday, but the newest schedule wasn't out yet. Hopefully it will be in the book tomorrow, so I can update my datebook. After all, I like to keep ahead of the game when it comes to my schedule. I'm guessing that once we're out of inventory stage, my hours might taper off again. I have no problem with that--more time to sleep in! :)

I'll probably go do my walking later tonight. I've put it off and put it off for a few days, and I need to work on it anyway. Sure, I get walking and all on the job, but I'd like to keep up the walking. It's nice.

Maybe if I ask nicely, I can get a ride down to return my books today. The weather's nice enough, so I'll try asking as nicely as I can. We'll see if it works--if not, I'll come up with a day.

Cleaning to be done in here. I've been working on taking books to donate out a bag at a time, and attempting to organize things. It's slowly coming along, but there's still much to be finished.

Only a few days remaining until my birthday. Anyone want to suggest places for dinner? I need ideas. :)

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