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Entry 488 - Restock and Repack

My assumptions last post were wrong, it seems--instead of us being sent to do the other half of the shoe purge, we wound up first putting out stuff that had been put randomly--basically like the fitting room racks. We were in junior-type stuff for a while, since things have been changed around a bit and we were kind of lost. We did get everything placed, though. Moved on to other things from there.

Started fixing and moving clearance and cleaning up a bit in petite-wear. Not so bad, a lot of the clearance just had to be moved and hung (an entire wall of folded shirts was tagged and had to be hung), and a few things taken to have tickets printed (one shirt I found only needed the tags reattached, they were fine otherwise). Not too hard, but I had to stop a few times to either go ticket something or go fetch more hangers.

Moved on to something rather dreadful--repack in men's basics. For those who don't know, it's like all the little nifty accessory stuff...only for guys. Underwear and sleepwear and shiny things. We got that done, but it was very slow going.

Most of the crew was out at noon. By then, it was down to about four of us: the two advising us on this, and two workers, me and a girl I'll call J. After lunch, we basically just returned to that section and started tidying up a bit. I was listening for shoe-related stuff around 1, since I offered to (while the shoe person on duty took a much-needed lunch). Time passed quick, we folded dress shirts and told silly stories to pass the time.

I survived to the end of the shift with no headache, and minimal leg pain. After all, with the walking and everything, my legs definitely get tired.

One of the books from my list arrived today! It seems my brother did order them. I must thank him.

Storms expected tomorrow afternoon, but cooler weather is behind it. I'm glad--today was rather awful once the sun came out. Chill mornings and warm afternoons--this is certainly a sign of fall here.

Mom and I did go grocery shopping today, and bought good things. Okay, not all good things, some were not-so-good (like soda), but we tried. We have fruit again, and this time we got yogurt! :)

Now, it's off to go work on some RP. Still need to jumpstart my imagination, after all.

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