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Entry 487 - Inventory Prep: Shoes

The subject line says it all, really. That's what my eight hours were spent doing today, helping purge the stockroom in preparation for inventory. It was rather interesting, what we found in there. Not only were there box numbers that weren't on the floor (we got those out as soon as we could), but there were several boxes of marked and unmarked clearance that hadn't been put out. Oops. We made sure to get some of that out, and the rest might come at another time.

I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring. Another eight hours--perhaps the other half of the shoe purge? We only got as far as women's athletic today. We still have all of men's shoes (athletic and dress/casual) and then kid stuff. I guess we'll see when I get there.

Came home today with a miserable headache. Had mom meet me and bring medicine and iced tea. After that, getting home and settling down, I took a nap. Slept a few hours, woke up to eat and felt much better.

(A note: I had a rather large fudge brownie for breakfast this morning. Probably the reason I wound up miserable, with all that sugar wearing off. Will not do that again. Will suffer with oatmeal or something.)

My birthday is in less than six days. It's still hard to believe that I'll be 21 this year. :)

Today's nibbles for break(s) were snack mix and shortbread cookies. Tomorrow will be snack mix and granola bars. After all, I'm out of shortbread, and I need some good hearty stuff sometimes.

Mom and I are hoping to go grocery shopping tomorrow. I hope I don't wind up with another headache, since we really need supplies. Plus, we want to browse the yogurt and all. We love our cravings.

After tomorrow, I get a day off (possibly to return library books, possibly to do a little more book shopping) and then it's back to work Sunday-Monday-Tuesday. Two more days off, then Friday. No idea on week after that, but it'll be post-inventory, so perhaps my hours will be trimmed back again. I don't mind that--after all the inventory stress and back-to-school rush, a bit of quiet will be welcome!

Interesting events today: I wonder about the shoe section lately, because the staff continues to dwindle. One of the associates down there is leaving--this brings the group down to two, with a third that occasionally gets sent over to help. I do what I can, but unless I'm sent over to help out, the work builds up and they fall behind. Stress levels are high. I've been put back on truck unload lately, but that means the shoe-filled racks build up until someone is sent to unload them (first time anyone comes in would be 9). I only hope as we get out of the high-stress times, things will get better.

Part of me worries about inventory. I actually have never done the real thing--last year, I wound up having to stay home sick, so I missed it. I'll have to research a bit, I suppose.

Edits and changes to be made for Wednesday's dinner plans. Alternate location has to be chosen. I just have to decide where I'd like to go. Well, that, and how big a dent in the purse it'll make. :)

Oh well. In the meantime, I still just have to take things one day at a time. So, to finish off this day, I'll change into my sleepwear (it's simple--a t-shirt and some warmup pants) and curl up with a book until I'm ready to get some sleep. No more up-all-nights for me, at least until inventory is over!

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