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Entry 486 - An Update

I promised an update, so here's an early one for you all. Shortly after I posted last, I went downstairs and had a talk with mom. She hasn't been feeling well for a couple days, so she was sitting on the couch with some coffee and I suggested us doing the grocery shopping tomorrow. Talking about that brought up the topic of baking, and she asked if we had any cinnamon cake mix. I checked--we didn't. We had brownie mix, though, so she suggested we make that.

I made my first batch of brownies by myself, and they turned out wonderful. Chocolate with walnuts. :)

We did dinner, and ran some errands. I have a little plush penguin now; I'll name it eventually.

Tomorrow is an early day--I'll be up at 4:30 to be ready to go by 5:30. Work 6 to 2. If we do decide to go grocery shopping, I'll try and be awake enough. After all, being at work for eight hours and being awake for a total of about ten or more? It isn't easy for me. I'm sure I'll manage, though.

I'm quickly working my way through the stack of library books I have. After that, I have the ones I just bought, and then hopefully the ones on the list I gave mom. I've been reading so much lately! :) I'm happy about it, though--maybe it'll help spark my creativity so I can get some writing done.

(A note: maybe I'll bring a book with me tomorrow, to read during my break. It depends.)

At least the weather looks nice for the next few days. Maybe if I feel up to it, I can get out and do something. In the meantime, I'll just have to take it one day at a time.

Earlier, mom and I had a talk while we went out to run errands. Do I really get lost in the shuffle, being the youngest? Am I missing out on something? She worries about all of us, but she's concerned that I'm being overlooked, or that my birthday isn't being celebrated enough.

Honestly, I don't mind. The fact I still have her and my brothers, I have my friends, my books, and my works well enough. I'm happy with who I am, and how I'm living. I don't think I'm being overlooked or anything. We just get attention different ways because we're different. It's fine. :)

For now, I'll just post this and get ready to work a long day tomorrow. After all, 4:30 comes early, and I still have quite a bit of stuff to do before bed. Best wishes to everyone out there.

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