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Entry 485

So it's been a few days since I last wrote--a lot has been going on lately, so there will be some distance between entries. After all, I've been working more these few weeks than I ever have. Here's some catch-up:

As a request for my birthday, I browsed in search of a few books I wanted. Made sure they were nicely priced, and sent the list of choices to mom in an email. Success is looking good. :)

Have attempted to plan a party day with Jess and Carrie, but Sunday has fallen through. We'll have to come up with an alternate day, then. I'll talk to them about it.

Went across town yesterday to buy a few books, to go to the library, and to track down another friend towards a dinner invite for Wednesday (my actual birthday). Since I have the day off, I figured I'd take him to dinner with mom and me. Pick up, do dinner, take him home. Easy as 1-2-3.

Mom's sister, bless her heart, brought me a small package yesterday, which I opened after I got home. Inside were two shirts: one short-sleeved and dark grey (says 'breezy at times' on it) and one pink plaid with long sleeves (and tiny flower prints, perfect for work). If she sees this: much love and thank you!

If I counted right, I will clock in 27 hours next week. That must be a new record for me! :)

Mom mentioned going grocery shopping earlier, but we might just do some errand running instead and maybe set the major shopping aside for tomorrow. Part of me wonders if I'll be awake enough tomorrow--after all, I work 6-2 tomorrow...and Friday as well. Definitely need to get some good sleep tonight.

(Irony at work: I'm in the middle of typing this and my mother's sister called for her. I did pass on my thanks for the shirts. A good thing, too, so we got to chat a bit. Yay.)

So much to do and so little time. My birthday is in exactly a week from today, and I'm so busy. After all, I have to coordinate things around my work schedule, so it's a bit tougher than usual with the two remaining days this week and the four next week. I hope the dinner plan succeeds and I hope the girls and I can decide on the best day to meet for our own party.

I still can't believe I'll be officially 21 this year. Doesn't it seem like time's flown by?

So I'll post this now. If anything new happens, I'll try to update again soon enough.

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