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Entry 484 - Recent Events

So, wore my new work shoes for the first time today. Not too bad, they're a bit snug in places but they should stretch a bit as I wear them more. :)

I've been working on breaking in my sneakers as well--two nights in a row of walking laps around the neighborhood. Not too bad, they're very comfortable.

I work both days this weekend--Saturday (09/01) from 9 to 1 (ironic, isn't it?) and Sunday from 6 to 11. We're coming down to the wire on things and there's a lot more to be done before inventory. Wish me luck!

There's so much I want to do, but I don't really know if I can do it. With so much going on lately, I just think I'm getting overloaded again. Truthfully, I think I'll be happy when inventory is over with--it's just very stressful thinking about everything involved in it. Plus, it's the two days after my birthday, and that stresses me out just with that.

A note: I will be 21 this year. It doesn't even feel like I've made it this far. Can you believe it?

We had a very interesting storm come through earlier. I had curled up for a nap around...oh, 2-ish, and woke around 7-something. Sky was growing dark and the streetlight just outside was on, I had been told before I slept that there was a storm up north of us.

So I woke to the sound of distant thunder. So much for it staying north of us. I shut off the AC units upstairs (mine and mom's), my fan, and my light. I grabbed a stack of books and decided to head downstairs to wait out the storm. I usually do that--it's quieter in the living room, and everyone's usually down there anyway. It's cozy.

Not a very exciting day overall. Perhaps tomorrow will be better. Maybe even the weekend. We'll see. :)

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