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Entry 483 - Shopping

Yup. That's what I did, and that's one of the more exciting things that's happened recently.

So since it's been a while, I should recap what's happened since last post. Frankly, though, it's quite a long story--after all, a few weeks have passed, right? :)

Locals will know that the folk festival was this weekend, and of course I attended (I have since the beginning, and the three years the National one was here). Lots of good music, good food, and nifty things for sale. Came out with lots of little free goodies, and a little jar of blueberry jam. Well, among other things, like the experience, of course! Also a hat, but it was kind of important so I didn't get burned.

So now, for the important part. Lately, my shoes for work have become rather uncomfortable, and so I've been taking them off when I get in the door. The other day (yesterday, actually) I wound up in so much pain that I took them off in the car. I decided it was time for some new shoes, something a bit more comfortable but still stylish enough for work.

So tonight, mom and I did a bit of shoe shopping. Came out with a pair of cute plaid flats (for work) and a new pair of sneakers (for my walking and all--the ones she gave me are nice, but they're wearing out and not so white anymore). I should be in good shape now!

To Jess, if she sees this: sorry I missed you the past couple nights. Still up for meeting in the future? Maybe see if we can drag Carrie off to dinner with us, if you want?

Also, that huge monstrosity? Would make a good MST. :) My mind's been cooking one up, if you'd like to know anything about it. Did you still want to write a group mockfic for it?

Still attempting to write something--anything, really. I'm hoping all the reading I've been doing lately will jumpstart my imagination somehow...since I still have the last bit of the sequel-sequel to finish, after all, and then a few other things I'd like to do. I can hope and keep trying, anyway.

So basically, that's been how it is lately. Living life, making money, being social, and a few other things here and there. I'll try and update more...eventually.

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