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Mondays are a nightmare...*sigh*

Yes, today is a Monday. I had a really bad day, starting around 1:00 a.m. and going until about now. I got to bed around 1, getting a little sleep until about 5. Then I started having a serious pain in my lower body, which felt as though somebody put a beach ball in there and inflated it. I woke up my mom and we thought about what we could do to get rid of it, and she made me a cup of hot cocoa. That helped, and I got some sleep. She called me in for today, and I've just watched tv and ate since I got up around 1.

I couldn't get ahold of Jessie tonight 'cause her phone was busy for her entire HOUR...which is the only time she can be on the phone during the week. I barely got to talk to Kelly and Mike, and Carrie's still on grounding until tomorrow. Steph was busy. *sigh*

Mike told me that he, Jessie, Carrie and maybe Steph are planning to meet to go skating on Friday, and he invited me to go. Mom said, "We'll see", which normally means no. Hopefully, this will turn out to be a yes, 'cause I wanna see my friends again. Kelly and I are gonna try to do that story session again this weekend, to make up for lost time.

I've been scanning through LJs again, and I've found a lot of Team Rocket worshippers, which is kinda funny. I like Team Rocket 'cause they're funny, and they never give up. Sure, they end up in the worst of situations, but they always find a way out. Plus, I like Wobbuffet, and he belongs to Jessie, who is part of Team Rocket. It all adds up. Amarys gets him though, in Kelly's story, and I like him so much. ^_^ She lets him follow her in the open, 'cause he eventually gets afraid of the ball. I wouldn't blame him, really.

Nobody's really online, and I don't have much to do. It was really foggy out a bit ago, and I was thinking about a game my friends and I could've done outside at that time. But now it's not foggy anymore, and it's late.

We're probably have fun skating, anyway. After all, they have an air-hockey table, and Jessie and I will probably be on that for a while. It's fun. If anyone has a table, I'll challenge you. Mwahaha. ^_~

Maybe if we're lucky, we can go ice-skating somewhere during the winter. The first time I went ice-skating was on an outdoor pond, and it was so lumpy and stuff...I fell down a lot.

Kelly and I have come up with ideas for several of her stories, and maybe some for some of mine. I need a title for my newest one, though. Did anyone like my intro? I came up with that during a study hall, and I'm gonna work on it in any study hall I can. I name the chapters....the first is called "The Decision is Made", and I need to start it off there. This is where Dawn is chosen, and where the ones in charge are watching her and her friends during school.

The story actually takes place after the first year the friends are together, after school has let out for the summer. I would technically be 14, basing this on my summer. The street names and places haven't changed, but the town and the characters have changed their names for privacy. I might start posting chapters once I get it going, but you all have to give comments and persuade me to do it. If I get enough comments, then I'll do it. But it depends on if you tell me.

I'm gonna post this and get back to whatever I was doing. So, leave comments, all...I love to get comments from new people. It makes me feel very loved, and I'd like to hear what other people think. No anonymous ones, please...I like to know who it is who left a comment, k? Niters, all....sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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