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Entry 482

So anyway. Mom's car went in to be fixed last night, it's done today, so it'll be fetched in a bit. Very cool, since the AC had been kind of weak lately. Should be all better by now.

After talking with mom, I've decided that in the future, I might go for my driver's license. I probably won't use it much (since there are just some places where it's easier to bus in or walk), but at least I'd be able to help with driving and take myself to work. I don't really think I'm ready yet, though.

So, those of you who have taken the test and all, or those who want to: let's chat about it. :)

Those of you on my list who have cars: tell me about them. What made you choose the one you drive? How does it handle? Automatic or standard? I'd like to know. :)

Hopefully AIM chat works tonight--last night it eventually just booted me out and went "lolz error :)" at me when I tried to get back in. Oh well.

Short entry, I know, but there's a few things we have to do today, and probably much more as the day progresses. Has everyone taken a look at the OSW mainpage? It is snazzy. ♥

Best of luck to everyone in whatever they do, and I'll update again eventually.

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