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Entry 480

Another entry so soon, I know, but I just had a bit of a kerfluffle with the rest of the Family Unit.

Usually we discuss dinner, the three of us come up with ideas and we reach some sort of agreement. Sometimes it can become quite a debate, but eventually things cool down and something gets decided on.

Tonight might just be one of the biggest debates we've had in a while, and I do believe it's my fault.

(Edits made again, apparently I've made a mistake by posting this. Oh well. Being upset proves more flaws in my personality, next time I'll wait until everything is peaceful before I post.)

I will probably make something later, if I really get hungry, but right now, I don't think I am. I'd rather sit and muse on this, and come up with a way to right things again. Meanwhile, they're out getting him something to nibble on, and I'm inside again. Oh well. Misbehavior earns punishment, so in a way, I think I'm punishing myself.

I work tomorrow, which means another early wake-up. Oh well, at least then I can have some alone time with mom, and I'll be able to escape the house for a while. Maybe I'll feel better in the morning.

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