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Entry 479

Honestly can't think of a subject for this one, so all I'll put is the current number. Almost to 500.

The weather has been nice lately--a good thing, since I worked my four days in a row (only really lousy day was Wednesday, but it eventually cleared up) and I spent yesterday outside and shopping. Hopefully this week remains nice as well, since I have three days coming up and mom's assorted events, as well as a few days off and then Saturday. That, and the folk festival is coming up soon, and I plan on going. It's one of the things I await most during the summer, how could I miss it? :)

Tidied up both bathrooms a little earlier today, since the sink downstairs was very dirty. Luckily, the upstairs one was better, so it was a faster job. Emptied the trash in the upstairs one, will probably empty my own soon enough.

Not much progress in anything else, gaming or writing. Maybe I've lost my spark...?

Will have to go across town sometime this upcoming week--library books due back. Maybe Thursday, if the weather's nice, so I can return the ones I have and browse for new ones. Depends on how I feel.

At some point, will have to go visit T--I have a book of his, and was thinking of asking him if he still wanted to go to the festival with me. I don't want to stay at his place long, though--will probably just go to his door and ask quick, then leave. I don't feel comfortable there anymore.

Maybe I'm just a little burnt out from everything that's been going on lately. I have so much to do.

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