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Entry 478 - Bad Weather Voyages

Okay, it's good to see sun and blue skies again. :) Last night was pretty rough, but we got through it with no real damage done. Power stayed up, and I even got some sleep.

However, all was not well in other parts of the state. Lots of other places (like Brewer, heh) were reporting massive outages. The longest list on the Hydro site probably was...well, Brewer, with most of the town listing outages. Must've been very dark over there.

(For those who saw this earlier, my apologies. Edits were made to protect the people involved. Don't worry if you missed it, it wasn't very exciting to anyone except me. As you were!)

Jess, if you see this entry, can I ask you a few things about your character for my story, Lyria? :) I've been working on guides and stuff, I just had some things to check with you. Free for lunch sometime?

Carrie, when might you be free for the SA trip? :) I'll be free Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon, and possibly Saturday. It's up to you, though. Maybe we could just meet and go to the Airport Mall or something and browse, whatever works. I haven't ridden the bus there alone before, it could be fun. :)

OSW gang, again, my apologies for not being online much last night. Anyone I owe logs/coposts to, let me know. :)

Here's to hoping I'll be able to write something. I'm anxious to return to my old hobby!

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