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Entry 476

No subject line today. I can't think of one, and it doesn't really matter since they're optional.

Can it be I'm getting close to 500 entries? Maybe I'll try and make 500 comments on it when it comes. Last time succeeded, with 400 on 400, but that was mostly me spamming with ficlets and stuff. Oh well.

Very glad I didn't have much, if anything, planned for today. My body's decided I'm female. Sigh.

Mom and I did our scheduled grocery shopping today. It's amazing how much we were out of. She said she thought about doing the other shopping today as well, but things just didn't work out. Oh well, we have the weekend and all. Not a problem.

Maybe sometime I'll go back down to the Salvation Army store to browse. If I do, I'll see if Carrie wants to join--she likes thrift shopping as much as I do, and it's closer to my house than goodwill.

Part of me wants to go walking tonight. After all, I still need my exercise, and it's something I can do even...well, yeah. TMI and stuff. Either way, I must think about it.

Almost through my stack of library books. If the weather's nice on Saturday, maybe I'll go drop them off. Friday isn't looking good, but it'd be an idea. At least the library would be open Friday. Oh well, I have a little money left over, maybe I'd hit a bookstore or two. It depends on a few things.

As for everything else, it's pretty much business as usual. I think I'll just settle into my chair and watch some stuff on youtube. Or read some more. I guess I'll just go with whatever.

Hopefully everyone is well. I wish nothing but good things for all of you.

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