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Entry 475 - Shopping in Summer

Another bright day, another hot day. No surprise, seeing as it's summer here, and we can get decent heat...even when we don't want it. We love our AC, yes we do.

Worked 9 to 1 today. Came in and lingered for a bit before clocking in, met one of the new people. Reported in for my duties and was basically told everyone was down in shoes. We had a nice little working party down there...about six of us, I think. A couple were pulled at random moments for cashier backup, but they returned eventually. We cleared out the remainder of yesterday's truck load.

Most of it, sadly, wound up in the stockroom simply because we had too much of it. We had to come up with a backup shelf unit for the extra backstock we couldn't fit in the regular sections. To make it worse, apparently there's another truck tomorrow. How will it all fit in the department?

Met up with Carrie after my shift was over (and yes, I bought the purple camo shoes I had my eye on) and we trotted over to goodwill. She found three pairs of jeans, three shirts, and a couple of books. I came out with a shirt I loved, a pair of shorts that fit (!!), three pairs of cute socks (I admit it, I like nifty socks) and two books of my own. A wonderful shopping trip.

We got her back to her campus with time to spare, came home, and ordered dinner. Mom likes what I bought. I'm happy to finally have a pair of shorts that fit me, my other ones wouldn't and so I put them in with the yardsale stuff. Oh well.

Mom says we might go grocery shopping tomorrow. That'll be good, as we're running low on things (like dishwashing liquid and TP and stuff). She also said at some point we'll go on a real shopping trip for things we really need (like underwear that fits well). I'm excited about that.

I've almost finished my stack of library books. Maybe if I have them done by Friday, I'll go take them back and get new ones out. I've gotten into the 'Dear America' series--I own three of my own, even.

A little nervous about the four-day stretch next week, but it'll make good money. I haven't done price changes in a long time, but they're 6 to noon days both times, so it's not like the whole day ones like we used to have (6 to 2:30...very long). At least the last two days will be later ones. I love my sleep. :)

Still haven't been able to write anything, but maybe I just need something to jumpstart my inspiration. Maybe I should take a walk along the river next time I go across town. After all, I need some kind of image for the treehouse I'm putting in a future story...

OSW progress: I think we finally finished the Tanabata post. :) Now comes the aftermath.

I'll try to keep up a regular updating schedule. I hate to leave this untouched for long periods of time.

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