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Entry 474 - Schedules

Has it really been ten days since my last update? Is it really the end of July, and tomorrow is the first of a new month? Time flies when life takes over. :)

Spent yesterday across town, dropping off a few things and wandering around. Stopped by the library and took out a stack of books (like usual). Tossed seven pennies in the West Market Square fountain again. Browsed the sidewalk displays on Main St. Tossed seven more pennies into the little waterfall fountain in Pickering Square, just for a little extra luck.

Worked today, 8 to noon. Three racks of shoes awaited me, and we were missing a floorplan for Juniors. Not a problem, I worked with what I could, put a few new things out, and then we got the list from the back room for the rest. Helped people get shoes (we had to part with a few display ones because some styles were lacking on sizes--one had only two boxes left!), and marked display boxes for new stuff. I like the new color tabs, but part of me misses the orange ones we used to use. Oh well. New ones are colored!

Came home and promptly took a long nap. Sleep is very good.

Have plans tomorrow--work 9 to 1, meet up with Carrie, and do some shopping. After all, I have stuff I need to get, and so does she. It all works out well.

I work four days in a row next week. Price changes two days, and then a freight day and probably whatever they have me doing the last one, not sure. I wonder if I'll be able to handle it well enough.

We had a chipmunk in the yard a few minutes ago. It was scampering around the pile of scrap wood we have out back. Very cute. :) Having the little nature critters running around is good therapy for the soul.

OSW progress: slow. New layout on the community--go take a look! otakusailorwars

Haven't written on any stories lately. Maybe I've lost my spark...?

Now I post, and go off to do things. I'll try to write more often, this every-other-week thing is rather annoying. What good is having the journal if I don't use it?

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