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Entry 472 - Breeze

...don't ask about the title, it came to mind and it's a song I'm humming while I write this. Go figure.

Long time since last update, no major storms or anything lately. We've had some little bits of rain here and there, but no big problems.

Slowly working on the house a bit, since it's a mess in some places.

Went across town yesterday so I could get outside and mom could have privacy in the glass room. Threw seven pennies in the West Market Square fountain for good luck--one was a 2007 one! :)

Mom and I made pudding a little while ago. Chocolate mint chip, something I found at the store one day.

Took Carlin for a late lunch. Walked down and had it rain a little bit so we got a ride back.

OSW progress: fairly well lately. Have Suzume (and her siblings) and Meredith in the recent festival thread. Just need to come up with a post to throw Andie in.

Writing...has stalled again. I want to work on something--anything--and I just can't get inspired to sit and write. I'm still trying to figure out how to start off that game-style one I'm planning. Hey, Jess, up for a planning session someday? I'll provide snacks and stuff.

I'll probably make myself some dinner in an hour or so. I should eat something, anyway.

Other than that, life progresses as normal. :) Anyone needs me, you know where I'll be.

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