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Entry 471 - Stormwatch (4)

Yes, there's more. From what I heard, we're under weather alert for this system until about 10 tonight. We're in the middle of another calm spell right now, I believe part three of this will start soon.

So far, no major problems here. I have both's NE map (big yellow boxes over our lovely northeast, it's not a fun storm) and Hydro's outage list open in my tabs, to keep constant track of whatever happens.

Officially dark out now, all the streetlights are on. A very good sign indeed.

I'm beginning to hear what sounds like thunder, off in the distance. Part three is coming.

Oh well, at least this will wash the pollen away and clean up the air a bit. Maybe even bring the heat down, it was rather beastly earlier.

Continual coverage, right here journal! :)

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