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Entry 468 - Stormwatch

To sum things up quickly: it's now just after 7 pm here, we're going into the second half of what is being considered a severe thunderstorm, and we had a bit of rain earlier. Mom is running low on coffee, we're low on milk, but things are still decent. After all, we still have our internet. :)

Worked today, 7 to 11. Was sent down to push shoes again (seems to be my new usual hangout now, not a problem here), and did pretty well. Had backup starting around 9, but we still didn't get everything done.

Apparently there's a cooler in the back room, filled with bottled water. A lovely idea.

We were under another "stagnant air warning" from yesterday until (supposedly) 1 am tomorrow, but now that we've gotten the rain we needed, perhaps that will change.

We have all four AC units set up for the season, since yesterday was beastly without them. The first two have been in for a while, we just needed the living room one and mine installed. Not a problem, and it's much nicer up here with it on.

Jess, I hope you got home okay, and that you and the roomies and your gang of cats are well.

Wrote more on chapter 8 of the sequel-sequel. I'm aiming for at least one more chapter, and then the epilogue (and a special extra, since I have a lovely idea for it).

No new OSW news today, this is basically just for real life today. :)

Just a quick entry, letting people know that if I vanish offline, it's because things got ugly. After all, we've had some rather interesting thunderstorms before. This one might give us hail! :)

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