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Well, in today's news......

I officially lost my sanity today. I actually cleaned my room for a while, and you can now see carpet! Now all I have to do is wash the windows and my curtains, and get my sheets back, and maybe paint my walls. I have so many pinholes in my walls, though, and I don't know what I can do about those.

If I wanna go to Amber's party, I need a ride. It's about 2-3 hours to get to her place, though, and mom's pretty mad. I so wanna go to this party so badly, and she's telling me that it's probably not gonna happen. Please, mom? It'll be fun!

I'm just sitting here, listening to music on media player, and drying off from my shower. I decorated my mini-tree with the ornaments and the lights and all, 'cause people on our street have put their lights up already. The spirit moves you, I guess.

I think I might have homework this weekend, but I didn't do it. I'm probably gonna be in trouble, and I just brought home an honor roll report card. Yipe, talk about your plot twists.

I guess I'll post my intro to my newest story, if you're all ready for it. Here goes:

Dawn is a 14 year old girl whose life is turned upside-down by the descendent of a video game villain. The game becomes real when Dawn becomes the new chosen one and her friends, Taurus, Nara, Forest, and Aries are supposed to help.

Aries believes that Dawn is perfect and will be able to succeed. Taurus, Nara, and Forest, however, doubt that she'll survive.

When the town is blocked off on all sides and the adults begin vanishing, there is almost no choice but to begin the journey as dictated, and Dawn and her friends must accept their destiny...

Not only the adults, but the little kids and pets as well. The city becomes quiet; the remaining kids are forced to take over for the missing people. Nobody can enter or leave the city at all.

When Dawn is ready, she soon comes up against the villain she's been fearing all along. Will she defeat him and save the city?

And then...the other world?

What do you all think? I need a title, though. If anybody has any ideas for one, I'd be glad to hear them. This is just a story that I came up with, but it has to do with something else. If you want me to explain further, IM me. We'll talk.

Speaking of which....komilla-chan, why haven't you IMd me again? I miss you and I wasn't able to put you on my buddy list. Can we talk again sometime soon? It was fun the first time. ^_^

My friend Kelly and I might do that radio show idea and tape it. Then send it off to a radio station and have them think about it. Who knows? We might get our own little hour-long show. On weekends. Put in our own little stories and talks. Chat about subjects that we enjoy. Give people updates on what's going on in the shows on cable and stuff. It'd be fun. An hour might not be enough time, though, 'cause there's so much stuff to talk about! ^_^

Kelly and I still need to get together for that story session, and she told me that Jessie has some pics to give me. Like I'm gonna see Jessie anytime soon? I can't find the girl, or anyone else, for that matter. I bet if the world was in danger, they'd be around. Jeepers, I need to put leashes on them!

I've adopted a new thing. I scan through people's friends lists and pick through names to find ones that are cool to me. I've saved quite a few from doing that. I found some that I've been looking for a long time. I'm just doing it for fun. List-tracing is what I call it, 'cause it's tracing through a person's friends list and going to another. Say, I start with mine. I choose to go to Jasmine's after that. I go to another person, say, Danielle. Then I pick a person on her list, and I keep going. It's fun, actually, 'cause I get to choose if I wanna see the actual journal or not.

LJ's been a little weird lately. I hope I can post this. It's almost 12:30 up here, and I'm not even really tired yet. Of course, I slept until noon today, but still....^_^;

I'm listening to my Madonna CD...the Immaculate Collection. About 4 other girls in my group have this same CD. Jessie, me, I think Carlin and Carrie...and that's about it. Of course, I have the True Blue album as well, and nobody else in the group has it. Thank you, brother Scott. ^_^ He got me the CD case, too...and my 2 other CDs. No wait...3, counting the SWV CD. ^_^

I'm pretty much just talking about nothing, so don't pay any attention if you don't want to. Maybe I'll try to change my journal a little bit. Do a little tweaking until I decide. I hope I can do it, anyway...wish me luck....

Nah, I'll wait, I guess. I gotta get off soon anyway. I can wait one more day.

Maybe I'll be like some of the others and post song lyrics. I have tons of songbooks and can easily pick a song. That's only if I want to, though.

I need to wrap this up...I'm running out of topics. Oh, wait...I just found one.

I have something from a bunch of the others in here right now. I have Carrie's story folder, some of her other stories and pictures; Kelly's white story folder; Jeff's strategy guide (mwahaha..I'm holding it here until my friend is done); and a few other things. I gave Jessie back her notebook and CD back about a couple months ago.

Kelly writes stories...but did you know she also writes songs? She's written a few that she's told me and I loved. Hopefully someday we can set them to music and get them played. Maybe become famous. Many, many things for me to think about. Maybe I'll think of a dialogue scene to put in here....oh, from my play:

*The group is asleep, except for Sarah, who is puttering around on her laptop. There is a chorus of complaints.*
Adam: Sarah? Go to
Sarah: I'm almost done. Give me a minute.

*2:00 a.m., one hour later...*
Adam: Sarah, I'm not's an hour later and you still haven't gone to bed.
Sandi: I can't sleep with all of you here!
*Sadie falls out of bed, dragging Suzee down with her.*
Sarah: I'll be done soon, don't worry.
Adam: At least none of the others are awake yet.
Kirsten and me: Want to bet?
*Adam frowns and begins planning.*

*3:00 a.m., again, one hour later...*
me: Sarah, it's 3:00 a.m...why can't you just go to bed and work on the rest of that later?
Sarah: This is a delicate project, so I need to get it done as soon as possible.
*Everyone sighs.*

I thought that'd be a little bright. That came from my Adam's Angels story..."Eastside Story". I started typing it at school, the printed it out and kept it here. I'll trype it up here and add to it soon. Then I also need to work on my Mickye Phoenix story. Yeah, it's called "Welcome to My Life". I'm working on about 15 stories all at once. *sigh* I wonder how I can keep them all straight. That, and I also need to start "Two Worlds Collide". I barely got to the intro on that one.

Well, I'm gonna head off. Niters all....sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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