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Entry 466 - Against the Coming Storm

I will explain the subject line shortly. :)

I am determined to turn over a few new leaves: writing more (including this journal), not falling behind on my OSW duties, cleaning more, walking more, and not eating as much, among other things to do. So far, I have been good on most of those.

My room is slowly changing, as I've cleaned things and dusted, sorted books and shoes and clothing, thrown out old papers and things I'll never use again. I walked seven full laps around the neighborhood last night, and I plan to try for that every night if possible.

Recent OSW activity: I believe the recent phage post is over (Meredith) and I recently did a log with Ranko-mun (using Suzume). I eagerly await the next event. :)

Now, to explain the subject line. Remember in the last post, how I said I had been lax in working on the sequel-sequel? Last night before I went to bed, I spent a little while on it. Finished chapter seven and began chapter eight, only just barely. I think it has title and chapter number/title, maybe one line or so. I really should work on it later.

Sometime I will start writing out the "OSW: the game" script. :) After all, it's something to do.

We had a bit of a storm come through earlier. Nothing much, really, so it was boring. Oh well.

Happy birthday to Dusty, and hope you have a good one. When do you work next?

Jess, hope you're having a good, stress-free day at work (if you're there). Anytime you want to meet up in the future? Let me know, I can bring chocolate or something. :)

Still on for Sunday, Carlin? Lots of stuff to browse through if you want.

I still need minigame ideas for the two game-style stories I'm planning. Suggestions welcome!

Now I must be off. I truly will update more often. After all, I'm making progress! :)

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