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Entry 465 - Dark Clouds

...just don't ask about the title, okay? It's been a long day so far.

I got up at 5:30 this morning to get ready for work. Not a problem. Came in about quarter of seven, put my soda in the fridge and settled in to wait until clock-in time.

Here's where it gets amusing. A while back, one of my coworkers (we'll call her H) and I talked about waffles. Specifically, a certain brand of European-style ones sold in a local supermarket. She joked about bringing some in for me sometime.

At least, at the time, I thought she was joking. She comes in and hands me a McD's bag with my name written on it. Inside is a package of the aforementioned waffles. LOL.

Clocked in at seven and our team (yay 7 am people) met in the hallway by the CS desk. We have a few new people, so mini-intros were passed around, and we waited for our leaders to tell us what we were to do.

Yes, people, your favorite retail witch got to play in shoes again. Last Thursday, I spent four hours alone down there, unloading racks and pushing freight. Today it was only two hours solo, one of the regular shoe people came in and helped for the rest.

(A good thing, too, since a lot of the stuff was brand new and we had to rearrange things to get it out.)

I'm proud of myself, though. Not only am I getting better at putting things away, but I helped a woman find luggage. I'm usually not so great with luggage, but she asked and I did what I could, and we found what she was looking for. She was happy, and I was thrilled to have accomplished it.

My year anniversary is coming up near the end of the month. I can only wonder what it'll be like...

OSW news: play progresses as usual. I refuse to fall behind ever again.

Writing news: ...ahaha. :) Slow. Haven't worked on the sequel-sequel in a while, but perhaps I'll get some inspiration to work on it tonight or something. Plans are in the works to write OSW out game-script style--we'll see how well I can do that. Might make two: one for prologue/SC arc, the other for hiatus/current arc. I'll have to think about it.

Also in the works is an original game-script thing, involving my massive cast of originals and a very odd plot. Something about peppermint-based recovery items and a place called Acura Island. I'll let you all just wonder about it.

Room cleaning progresses slowly. It's nice to have floor space again, so I can access my armoire (even though it really isn't mine, it's in my room and I have loads of stuff in it and on top). I actually have clothes hung up in the closet now. The four drawers of my dresser are practically filled to overflowing--I might have to sort clothes again.

All the shoes I bought from the drama sale are going into yardsale. I just can't fit into them anymore. Hopefully someone else will enjoy them, just as I did. Any ripped/worn out shoes were thrown.

Mom gave me a pair of her Asics for now, so I have sneakers. They're 8s, but they fit well enough. Sometime I'll get my own, but these work for the time being.

(...waffles. Yeah, I've got nothing.)

So anyway, that's basically what has occurred since the last post, which wasn't a month ago. :) I'm getting better at posting, I think. At least, I'm trying. We'll see how long it lasts.

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