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Entry 464 - Dreams and Ideas

Been a while since last update, so I figured I should post something to let people know I'm still around. Of course, taking a look at recent activity in OSW, that should be clear. :) we're at work again.

Haven't written much on any stories since last post. The sequel-sequel is lagging somewhat--time to come up with a battle plan that works, and that's becoming a struggle. Oh well, it's not me in charge of fighting~

I have another story idea kicking around in my head, something in game script format. Who knows, maybe I'll come up with a way to get it written down.

Another hot day, but not as bad. We're getting into summer, after all. First of the ACs is in, mom had hers put in her window. There's a new ceiling fan in the sewing room, and the hallway one helps. Eventually I'll have mine put in, but for now, I like having my window. If it gets too bad in here, though, the AC goes in without complaint.

I've been cleaning lately. More pairs of shoes for yardsale, boxed up the kiddy toys and stuff for yardsale, dusted stuff, and sorted. Old worn out shoes were tossed in the garbage, and anything outgrown relocated to the sewing room. That's getting full now, with all the yardsale stuff among other things.

It also doubles as a guest room--luckily we haven't needed to use it as such lately! :)

I like the fact I have more and more floorspace as I get rid of things, as I sort things, as I relocate items and pack things away. The carpet needs to be washed in some places, but I can do that sometime. I mostly focus on the vacuuming and dusting, as well as keeping dishes cleared and everything.

(I used to have stashes of dirty glasses and dishes up here when I was younger--not anymore!)

Traveled across town three times this week. Twice to visit Jess at work (and bring her snacks), and once to drop off some library books and such. Found five yardsales yesterday.

In the meantime, I'll simply work on cleaning and try to get some writing done. Of course, a battle is coming up in OSW, so that will be on the schedule as well. I think I'm getting back into my groove.

Speaking on characters: if anyone wants to ask my OSW characters anything, ask away. It's a fun game.

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