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Enter.....the character list..updated ^_^

I need more info on a bunch of my characters, but I updated the character list a bit. I found my characters and added them so that they were included this time. So, here goes:

Amarys: the trainer from Lilac Circle who is one rank below the highest master. She is one tough cookie and is an idol to all aspiring trainers.
Virgo: the spunky young girl with a big imagination. She holds the armor of Fireblade.
Jillian Magenta/Jenna Lei: my GW character. The first is an ambassidor's daughter, the second is her "alter-ego". More later.
Guardianmon: My Digimon character. She is a Star-Digidestined...half-human. Long story..more later.
Linear: my character in "A Wish on the Moon". I love that name, and she is a special character. I'll explain later.
Leslie: my character in "The Rainbow Girls". This is another story I'm working on..a crossover. More later.
Autumn/Sailor Sapphire: my SM character. I gave a bio on her already, so look back a bit to find it.
Dawn: my newest character...I'm writing a story with a different version of her in it. A more modern version. I'll write about it later. I'll put my introduction in if you want.
Tyna: my old character in Jessie's first story. She is Sailor Phoenix. I almost forgot about her. My bad...later on her, too.
Autumn Card: my CC form, but still needs a real name. Comments from anyone who can come up with a name for her are greatly welcome, k? I thank you very much for it.

I guess that's it. I hope I didn't leave any out this time. I had about 4 or 5 last time, and I have about 10. Wow, my creativity goes a long way. I'll try to pick up some info...oh, wait. I did forget one. A different one:

Leslie: this is a totally different one, coming from Kelly's new of the new warlords. She has the armor of Illusion, and she is quite cool. I don't like spiders, but their webs are kinda cool, don't you think?

I knew I would forget a few. I have so many versions of various Virgo...and it's hard to keep track of them all. I have a few where Virgo is a famous where she's imprisoned in some high-security place with one of the guys...and she develops a crush on him. You have to guess which guy. I'll tell you a couple things....he's from RW and he's in charge. This should be easy, everybody. ^_~

I'm gonna head off to bed soon. Just wanted to give you a peek into my world once again. If I'm lucky, I can get together with Kelly and Mike soon, and be able to go to Amber's party. *hopes many, many times* it's a little open now, but hopefully we can reach an agreement.

I'll write later, all. Niters....sleep well and have dreams. Laters, all!

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