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Entry 463 - Summer Breeze

Yes, I know it's not summer yet. I don't care, it feels enough like it today.

Can't sleep: too hot upstairs. No AC yet, because it's only one day. Downstairs is a bit nicer, but not by much. I have a folding fan that I'm using, my only way of keeping somewhat cool.

Anyone want to trade? I'd like some rain, even. I miss winter.

Oh, and further insult to injury: apparently the entire state is under a "stagnant air" warning--meaning the air quality sucks hardcore today. Pollen counts are high--not surprising, mom says.

I've decided to part with my blue sneakers--they're size 7s and not comfortable anymore. Anyone in town want them? Barely worn, in good condition. If not, into yard sale they go with any other shoes I give up.

Haven't worked on DMR (the sequel-sequel) in a week or so. Today it's just too hot, I think the judges are starting a revolt. No AC in the main room, after all.

I can't wait for things to cool down again. I work three days this upcoming week, hopefully the weather will stabilize by Monday. Hey, holidays are good times to work...sometimes.

The icon is for the weather. Take that, mother nature! :)

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