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Entry 462 - Tactics, Third Stage

Okay, explaining: subject line? Is the title of chapter VII of the rather-awaited sequel-sequel. Needed something catchy, and it works. Poor judges, can't get a decent break even in the afterlife ♥

Halfway through the month. It's been rather soggy--too bad I can't mail this weather to GA, I'm sure they could use it more than us right now. Best wishes to all down there.

I've found lately that my social life has basically become "come online and hey look, online buddies" instead of going out and meeting up with people. I guess I've drifted away from some, and others just don't seem to have time for me. It's frustrating to wait for phone calls that never come. I mean, a letter at least would be something. Showing up at the least it's an effort.

Without the OSWers, I'd be screwed. These girls know how to throw a chatparty, oh yes, and I thank each and every one of them for being so welcoming. The only problem is, they're all online. We're spread across the country, and only connect through the internet. I'd love to have someone to see in person, to go out for lunch or just to wander the streets together.

For now, though, I enjoy the time online. As for going outside anywhere, lately I've just gone alone. It means I can move faster and save a bit of money, but it still gets lonely.

I keep telling myself I shouldn't bother with people who obviously don't want to see me, to talk to me or anything. After all, they'd contact me or show up or anything.

I like to think mom is right when she reassures me of this, but a little voice inside me keeps saying that maybe waiting is wrong. I still wonder if I'm being selfish by waiting.

Right here, right now, I make do. I have reliable friends in the OSWers, and I couldn't be happier about that. Besides, they like my writing! :) I'm thrilled to have fans. It's like a family.

I'll start posting the sequel-sequel at some point. Perhaps in coffeesenshi (Meredith's journal) since that one doesn't have any posts. I'll collect all the parts of the trilogy together in my memories or something.

(Sadly, the only judges I have icons of are this one and the Astray girl trio...since the girls don't really play a part in this episode, I decided on this one. Cute, aren't they? :) I think so.)

So, here we go: if anyone has any questions regarding the judgment trilogy (first two episodes in pinkstarandie (Andie's journal)), feel free to ask them here. :) I'll answer pretty much anything. Anything about the characters, the storyline, the inspiration...ask and ye shall be answered.

As for updating more...well, we'll have to see on that, won't we?

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