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Entry 461 - Spring

Yes, it's finally that time of year. From dark winter to clearing mud and finally blue spring.

Or something like that, you know. After all, this state does get five or six seasons.

I've been rather busy lately, jetting across town to the library and such. Thought about going today, but my body's like "lolz you're female :3" so I'll wait until tomorrow or something. Stupid hormones.

In the meantime, I sit here with a bagel and a hot cocoa (with whipped cream on top). So what if it's 51 degrees out? I like my cocoa anyway, and heat helps banish cramps. So there. :)

An amusing story from yesterday, for those I haven't told. I worked yesterday, so I was kinda tired. No surprise. We started the day with stocking some things from the previous truck, to have empty rails and such for the truck that day. 850-something pieces, no problem. I don't mind pulling plastic.

We started that truck around 7:30, finished it sometime after 8. A bunch of us grabbed racks to push. I was called back and sent down to shoes instead. :) I love working shoes, it's nice down there.

Fast forward to shortly before 10. Store's been open a couple hours, quite a few people milling around. I'm about to head up towards the restrooms...and the fire alarm starts going off.

I exchange looks of "?" with my coworker down there, and then the announcement to evacuate comes. We exchange another look, this one of "" and start leading people outside.

We're all outside, gathered in the parking lot like refugees, for about 15-20 minutes. At least the weather was nice enough, so we weren't cold and wet or anything. 3 fire engines, an assisting vehicle and an ambulance came into the lot, but only one engine was left behind.

So after we get back inside and all, I head up to the bathroom. The story starts coming around: someone accidentally pushed the button thinking it was the auto-open button for the door. Our auto-open buttons are large, blue, and right in front of the door. The alarm button is small, red, and between the doors.

So yes, a rather interesting day. Other stores had heard the sirens and were wondering, so I answered some questions for them. After all, AC Moore is two stores down from us, I'd be surprised if they didn't ask.

I stopped in there to browse and came out with a Hello Kitty pen and a cd holder book. I win~ ♥

So, I have a story to work on, that I need inspiration for. I open this to you, my readers: what do you do for inspiration, if anything? Is it music, tv, a book? Is it daydreaming, or long walks? Give me suggestions. After all, I fear a lynch mob if I don't get it done, my fans are waiting!

(I'm amazed to have fans of this. Is it really as interesting as I'd hoped? Wow.)

OSW news: play has slowed a bit. However, a side plot is coming up, and I was first on the signup list. Meanwhile, Andie spends time with her new boyfriend (rather cute, first boyfriend for her), and Meredith...well, she's free for right now. I'll come up with something for her.

So anyway, that's what I've been up to since last time. I really should post more, shouldn't I? :)

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