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Entry 460 - Blue Sky

Looks like the rain finally stopped. Three straight days of wind and rain, we're so flooded in places that I'm wondering how many people have soggy basements right now. Luckily, ours stayed nice and dry. :)

Still windy, but when I woke up I could see through my window screens again. The sun was even out for a bit, and I went to fetch trash barrels and mail earlier. Not even very cold, just rather windy.

I've been learning more about loading and working the dishwasher, so that's a good thing. Now I'm the one getting snippy about people leaving dishes in the sink, ha.

I still need to work on the bathroom upstairs, and more on my room. I have time, though.

RP news: all three of my characters are involved in things. Be amazed, people, I can finally multitask enough to keep up with all three. It'll stay three, though. Anymore than three and I'd be too stressed.

Of course, for a while, three was even too much. I'm trying my best, though.

Anyone who hasn't ever seen the OSW website should go check it out. One of our mods does official art for the game, and it is so wonderful. The other mod and some of the players do art, too. Go look, it is spiffy.

And for those who aren't big on art, we have fiction, too. Go read, it is spiffy too. ♥

AND AND AND there's storyline summaries and archives so people can follow along.

AND ONE MORE THING: profiles. Seriously, we have character profiles. They're nifty.

Our game is spiffy and we're dorks come join us you know you want to be a dork too~

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