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Entry 459 - First Impressions, Part II

Second verse, same as the first. Now we hit the flip side of the coin. I don't have an icon of this boy alone, but I always thought he and his girlfriend were cute together, so here we go.

Sadly, this one didn't last any longer than the other one. The little I saw of him, I was like "oh hey, he's kinda nifty...he sounds like Inuyasha, wtf..." and it went from there.

The second time through, I began to learn more about him. He was a classmate of the hero (as was his girlfriend, and a few of their friends), and they were pretty close. Rather dorky, but still knew what he was doing. Also, very loyal. Sensing a pattern, here? I like the loyal ones. ♥

Kind of odd, though, that he seemed to get more screentime than the boy in the previous entry, but it might be like that because the focus was mainly on the hero and his people.

Of course, fandom seems to remember him more, too. Maybe it was his connection to the girlfriend.

Further proof that loyalty can be dangerous, though: this one also died protecting someone, although he was told not to go running out there all worked up, but oh well. He did what he could.

His girlfriend didn't take it well, by the way. No surprise, but then the rumors of her dating someone else (from the 'other side' even) came about, so...yeah, rather forgotten.

Something I learned later, as I searched for his birthday for last year's memorial fic...his birthday was only six days before his death. Talk about timing things wrong, dear.

So anyway, I hope whoever actually read these enjoyed them, and do remember the minor cast, since they need some love just like the main people. After all, being forgotten isn't very fun.

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